So why am I doing this…

Good question…

I suppose the less frantic response is, I’m bored, hungry, miserable and not just a little lonely. My guy and I have been fighting for two days and I’ve got nobody to talk to. Having just moved across town to live with him I’m relatively friendless and, considering my mates back home have tired of listening to the fight stories, I feel pretty limited around who to talk to. So I’m hoping to find people to listen, I think. In fact, that’d be awesome.

Before you flee like I’d expect any sane person to do after an introduction like that, this blog isn’t going to be about my relationship or my fights or my boyfriend. Unless they happen to form part of the anecdote, you should hear absolutely nothing about screaming matches or blame throwing adventures.

What you might see are hopefully succinct stories about the weird and wonderful things that happen in my life including hopefully awe-inspiring bursts of genius. If this changes, I invite you to tell me I’m boring. And when you do, I’ll probably take it personally and tell you to fuck off.

But all’s fair in blog and war.