The father of my child wants to die…

by whatiwastryingtosaywas

He must do.

There’s no other explanation for it.

He keeps saying idiotic things like “you’ve had a really easy pregnancy when you think about it…” and “no, really, when you think about it, you’ve had a really easy pregnancy”. It’s like he bashed his head and didn’t seek a medical opinion on the level of damage.

Oh yes, he prefaces the broad, sweeping statements that will ultimately end in his demise with statements like “I realise you’re having a tough few weeks now but…”, as if by doing so he is somehow protecting himself or softening the blow but I (and I’m betting anyone else out there with a two or more digit IQ) know better.

He let on the other day that his mother thinks hip issues are a bit strange. She’s never heard of this phenomenon so it cannot be so, right?

Before hearing this I forgave his tactless opinion. After… death was the only recourse. How dare he?

He says it in front of people too and barely notices their worried stares and warning waves. I hope his son is more socially aware, that’s all I can hope for cos his dad is a lost cause at the moment.

I say it here. If he says it once more. I’m going to create some amount of stink in his Peony-filled life. And I won’t think twice. I’m a good earner. The kid doesn’t *need* private school! Or shoes!

PS: Lying flat on my back on hard surfaces is no longer an option. I did it during my second to last scan on Thursday and spent two days unable to walk. Look, I think old hip issues might be playing a role here but that doesn’t mean I’m dreaming this stuff up.

I have 8 days to go and I’m going to do what I like with them. Believe me, suddenly accepting the discomfort and that pregnancy is appalling is NOT on my list of things to do.