Think about it… then don’t.

by whatiwastryingtosaywas

If you’re like me and were kind of:

a) Antsi the idea of having some stranger shave your vagina just prior to major surgery that will result in the birth of your first son and
b) Equally antsi the idea of stripping from the waist down so some stranger could, prior to going into hospital, pour hot wax on your aching pelvis catching glimpses of what you envision would be the strangest looking genital area to ever spread eagle in front of them (yes, even though this is what they’re trained to do!).

If you’re kind of like me then you may, one Saturday, say the Saturday before the Monday you give birth, decide to address the hair issue yourself. And if you’re also kind of like me and you’ve never really done this before, take my advice, think about it, go out, buy the product even, and then don’t.


If you do and things go slightly off, you’re screwed cos there’s very little you can do with the results. You can’t glue the stuff back on. So I guess, just to be double sure, I’m going to be shaved by a stranger on Monday. I hope they manage to maintain a level of professionalism about all of this.

Am idiot. Should not be allowed to breed.