So, my period came back on Mother’s Day…

by whatiwastryingtosaywas

How ironic is that?

More ironic? The job I was looking so forward to returning to has upchucked and I’m now faced with so much change I can hardly handle it.

With the old adage that people kept saying to me over the past four months, which goes: The universe only gives you what you can handle, I find myself wondering how much the universe thinks we can handle?

Right now, it’d be really awesome to curl into a ball, holding my son snugly against my tummy, and sleep until everything settles. But I can’t. So where to from now?

I guess, I just have to keep my head up, as I have done over the past while, even though my neck is tired, and, as a close friend keeps telling me, kyk voord en vok noord.