There's something wrong in the state of Denmark… and I think I may be it.

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It’s official… I’m a troll…

I’m a sound sleeper. Always have been (aside from a few times in life where small sounds have woken me easily but this generally coincides with big change – moving in with the man of the moment, starting a new job, finding out you’re pregnant – and have been hardly surprising.

So, you’ll understand the shock I felt when, one night last week, I snored myself awake. How loudly do you have to be snoring to wake the dead?

And yes, snoring is bad enough but it hasn’t ended there.

If I relax too much during waking hours I snore whilst I’m awake too.

Nick is basically sleeping on the couch and I don’t blame him and I’m semi sleeping in the bedroom because one warning dollied out by various sites has proven to be true – I’m just too uncomfortable to sleep through these days. I flop from one side of my body to the other, dragging my tummy and its pillow around with me. I wake up in a panic on my back thinking I’ve killed the baby (apparently sleeping on your back is a HUGE no no at this point in the pregnancy) and yet have never felt as much physiological relief as I do when I’m prone, face up, staring at the ceiling.

Yes ma’am… this truly is the most glorious time of a woman’s life.

Two PSs:

PS1: Some of the reactions to last week’s blog and the fact that Sniffy McSnortenson is the SWEETEST person in the land has left me feeling a little guilty. I do love the lady I was referring to in last week’s blog most dearly. I just hate coughing more.

PS2: My colleagues are awesome: following my Vadge being kicked by a Moose post, I came in to work to find this presticked to my desk divider…


The ache you don’t expect…

I feel as though I’ve been hoofed quite squarely in the vadge by an irate 7 tonne moose.


In other news… we’re off to the Indaba this weekend. Am not looking forward to hours of walking around with two grannies-to-be and the father of my child but it must be done. Apparently, the specials are awesome (although the “show specials” listed on the site are anything but inspiring).

If the moose damage hasn’t cleared by then (and I doubt it will as it is has been a constant condition of varying levels of ache over the past few months), I’m going to probably demand to be ferried around in a trolley.

And update will follow including any outstandingly interesting shit we find and pictures of me in a trolley. I promise, no photographs of prams.